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Integrated Addiction and Mental Health Treatment in West End Toronto

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We Understand the Challange

Navigating the Complexity of Addiction & Mental Health

Addiction and mental health issues can intertwine, creating a complex web of physical and emotional challenges. These complexities often require an approach that goes beyond traditional treatment methods, blending diverse therapies to address every facet of the individual’s experience.

Our Unique Approach

Overcoming Traditional Barriers in Addiction & Mental Health Care

West End Recovery provides a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to addiction treatment, offering medical and psychotherapy services under one roof for adults facing addiction and mental health challenges. Our compassionate, non-judgmental, and integrated care breaks down traditional barriers to create personalized, transformative recovery experiences.

Our medical and psychotherapy professionals work together to provide a comprehensive treatment experience, addressing the physical and psychological aspects of addiction recovery.

We create a safe and supportive environment that fosters healing and growth, ensuring every individual is treated with empathy and understanding.

We understand each person’s journey is unique, and our customized treatment plans are designed to address your individual needs, goals, and preferences.

We strive to eliminate barriers by offering flexible scheduling, virtual care options, and OHIP-covered medical services, making our clinic accessible to a diverse range of clients.

Why Choose West End Recovery?

Our Approach to Your Recovery Journey


Our understanding of your struggles fuels our commitment to your recovery journey.


We are your committed allies, helping you transcend obstacles and reach your goals.


We build trust by maintaining professional integrity and sustained commitment.


Our team’s collective expertise enables us to provide eclectic treatment options.


We are with you at each step, instilling hope and inspiring lasting recovery.


We will stand beside you for the duration with unwavering support for your success.

Who works with us?

Your Recovery Partner

We work with adults seeking comprehensive, integrated addiction and mental health treatment. Whether you’re starting your recovery journey, a loved one searching for the right care, or a referring provider, West End Recovery is here to support you.

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